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  •  What is En Primeur?
    • What is En Primeur? To put it simple, it’s to sell future wines, which means the wines not yet been bottled. Under most circumstances, en primeur wines are still aged in oak barrels at the time they are sold. Customers who buy en primeur wines will pay before they get the wines. Once the wines are shipped to Hongkong, customers may choose to pick up the wines or just leave them stored in the temperature controlled warehouse until they are sold again. Usually it takes at least 2-3 years before one can receive the wines he/she buys on en primeur.
    • Every year at the end of March and the beginning of April after harvest, medias, negociants and wine trading organizations from all around the globe will taste the sample wines which just put into barrel with an age of only 6-8 months. Then these tasters will make a judgement on the future potentials of these sample wines. Classified growhs will put their wines in oak barrels for 18-24 months, thus the future ready-to-release wines might taste slightly different from the sample wines, depends on the maturity in the oak barrels during ageing.
    • At the beginning of May, chateaux will release their en primeur prices to the market. Then base on the tastes of the sample wines, the media will release ratings and scores taking consideration of the potential of the wines when bottled for the negotiants and wine lovers as reference. 
    • To be an en primeur wine, it has to be outstanding in either quality, brand awareness or quantity control. That’s why the current en primeur wines are mostly wines from famous chateaxu. For example, the first growths in Bordeaux would sell over 70% of their wines through en primeur. 
    • In bordeaux, the sales of wines from classified growths are opened to the whole market. Usually the chateau would sell their wines through negotiants. 
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